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Australian outerwear fur label H Brand is a status symbol. An exploration of an enduring tradition, creative passion and excellence in the finest craft – synonymous with lifestyle. A revolution carried out through industry-first techniques, unrivalled research, playful colours and innovative designs transform fur into a modern and luxurious staple.
A manual art, the dexterity of highly skilled artisans brings to life timeless designs, elaborated through hand-knitted tailoring, leather inserts and directional weaves.
An emphasis on texture and textiles underscore a natural yet smart approach to style with a tactile line-up full of rich autumnal tones, a strong tone for outerwear. The fur used by H Brand is specifically farmed for the use of garments by Chinese Government Certified Organisations. These organisations are strictly monitored to ensure legitimate and appropriate conditions and methods are adhered to, specifically the welfare and treatment of animals.
H Brand is committed to ensuring that no animal is inappropriately treated during the farming process. We only rely on factories and farms that have the appropriate certifications. All H Brand products originate from China and are dyed. H Brand products have not been obtained from wild animals or endangered species, but as a by-product. Further reviewing and improving welfare standards, making processes more efficient, we produce better quality products and demonstrating Environmental and Societal Sustainability to consumers and to the public at large are key to securing the license to operate for the fur trade, well into the future.
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