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H BRAND is an elaborate exploration of tradition, intricate craftsmanship and diversity. The collection conveys timeless, contemporary designs that portray effortless beauty.

Our garments represent historical and traditional notions that have been passed down from generation to generation. This speaks true to our purpose and humble existence to create opulent pieces that stand the test of time. This unique tradition has symbolic significance to our generational evolution and also to the wearer of our garments.

H BRAND has three collection categories:

H BRAND | Premium, Natural & Sustainable Fur & Wool garments. High quality, luxury garments that are handcrafted for longevity, warmth & comfort.

H BRAND FAUX | Affordable & modern faux fur jackets, vests & scarves. Please acknowledge that H BRAND FAUX garments are a synthetic FAUX FUR composition & should not be compared to real fur as they are completely different fabrications, weight, feel & thickness.

H BRAND X THERON | Premium Cashmere & Wool garments. Timeless, luxury garments that are handcrafted for longevity, warmth & comfort.

The dexterity of H BRAND garments is particularly important as we pride ourselves on high quality and forward-thinking techniques as well as the longevity and sustainable nature of our products. H BRAND are committed to creating premium garments that are designed with purpose and thoughtful consideration which is true to the designers ethos.

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